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Anti-Sway Bars
Anti-Sway Bar Mounts
These shaped front reinforcements fit the chassis perfectly. Optimal thickness plates for welding to the inner fender. We use these in all our race car builds. Sturdy enough for the stiffest anti-sway bars.
50 State US Shipping Included
Heavy Duty Anti-Roll Bar
25mm or 32mm diameter CrMo hollow bar, 2 wall thicknesses available. Custom sliders hold drop links in line below the arms for increased responsiveness.
$599.95, 48 State Shipping Included
Select Bar Size
Delrin bushings in heavy duty mounting brackets. Splined aluminum arms. Double adjustable drop links.
U-Tabs for A-Arms
Choose Front or Rear
Our rear mounts are just like the original factory sway bar mounts. 11 ga steel.
Weld these onto your A-arms to complete your new anti-sway bar installation.
$49.95, 50 State US Shipping Included