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Eliminates soft pedal caused by flex Simple to install - some welding required Adjustable for a perfect fit Bracket removes easily for maintenance Does not interfere with the bottom cover panel
Master Cylinder Brace
The original carbon/kevlar brake pad! Manufactured in the USA!
Simplify 911 e-Brake Installation on your 914 with these Adapter Cables Weld the heavy walled tubular housing directly onto your trailing arms. The heavy duty stainless cables have triple swaged ends and will not wear out through many years of use. Relocate the stock e-brake cable end bracket on your trailing arm and Voila! - No other modifications required. You're ready for bigger rear brakes without eliminating the parking brake!
Brake Pad Shipping/Handling (50 states)
KFP Magnum Brake Pads
$59.95, US Shipping Included
3 compounds available, all rotor friendly: 1935 - Street Compound - Moderately high bite with long life, low dust, and no squeal! P4211 - Autocross/ Track - The highest coefficient of Friction available P42A - Full Race - The most stable compound with the widest temperature range, up to 1500F
High performance brake pads for street, autocross and racing applications. Available for all calipers used on 914s. We stock pads for 914-4, 914-6, 911-M, 911-A calipers. Also available - pads for 944, Boxster, 911 Turbo, Big Red Calipers, etc.
Race Compound
Street & Autocross Pads
$149.95, US Shipping Included
Adapts 911 Turbo (930) rear calipers to 914 trailing arms
Turbo Brake Adapters Brake Cooling Ducts
Provides effective cooling of stock front calipers/rotors.
Currently unavailable.
Add shipping for single or multiple pad set orders
$14.95 (up to 8 sets)
911 Parking Brake Adapter Cables
$149.95 US shipping included
Currently Unavailable