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Chassis Upgrades
Rear Pickup Points Reinforcing Kit
Stiffens Inner and Outer consoles to prevent flex and cracking. Easy Installation, 14ga. pieces are pre-shaped to fit. Much better than old style GT Kit. No interference with factory -6 oil tank.
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Rear Suspension Inner Console Reinforcements Raised Rear Pickup Points Kit
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Front Strut Camber Boxes
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Repairs and reinforces a rust-prone location on the 914 rear suspension. 16 ga. laser cut.  Easy to install. Available flat or pre-shaped.
Replaces stock mounts with heavy duty assembly. Improves suspension geometry on seriously lowered cars. Uses stock trailing arms and camber shims.
Convert to coil-overs for better spring rate adjustability and increased camber range (-2.5 to 0+ degrees). Made specifically to fit the 914 chassis. Our Camber Plate assemblies work with all 914 front strut inserts. Custom made with 3/4" monoballs and needle thrust bearings Maximum shock travel is achieved by accurately positioning the shock top just below the deck lid.
 48 State US Shipping Included 
Installation Service Available Price - $4499 Includes components.
All materials included for installation. Simple installation procedure for experienced welders. Includes templates for proper frame cutout location. Includes holding alignment fixture. (top of picture)
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48 State US shipping included
Raises the top of the shock for increased travel on lowered cars. Spherical bearing eliminates soft rubber bushings. CNC machined precision assemblies.
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Rear Shock Towers
$349.95/pr, 50 State US Shipping Included.
Two versions available - short and tall.  The short units fit under a stowed targa top. A 3" hole saw and a MIG welder are needed to install this kit.
Available with Heim Rod or Fixed Braces. Heim Rod Braces Available Separately.
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