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Chassis Repair
This pre-shaped piece comes in handy during "hell hole" rust repairs.  Often needed when AC systems are deleted.  Channel for Engine Seal already welded in place.
Engine Shelf Repair Panel
Front or Rear Half of Floor
Floor Pan Half
Accurate Repro Custom Manufactured by CFR Sold without Jacking Donuts Weld holes pre-drilled. Available Left, Right or in Pairs.
Floorpan Triangles
Unfinished Door Sill Patch Panel, available in 2 ft or 4 ft sections
Door Sills
The rear outer suspension consoles each have three of these. Our piece is an accurate repro of the factory component.  This sleeve makes a quality repair possible if you are unable to repair the threads after breaking a bolt.  A 7/8" hole saw will cut through the top weld on the console making it easy to remove the old sleeve.
Trailing Arm Threaded Mounting Sleeve
50 State US shipping Included
Price: $29.00 each, $10.95 US Shipping (up to 6pcs)
Shipping charges will be billed after we receive your order.
$234.95, 48 State US Shipping Included
Choose Front or Rear
$245, Shipping Not Included Battery Tray & Support
Choose Left, Right or Pair
Jackpost & Support