Tangerine Racing Engine Breather Can
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Crankcase Breathers
Custom designed for Type 4 engines:  The can has one or three inlets, incorporates Swirl Oil/Air Separation and a drain-back hose.
Basic Kit includes:  Canister, K&N vent filter, 6ft of 1/2" hose, 6 hose clamps, Flare fittings for breather tower and can bottom, 1 ft of 1/4" hose, hose to flare adapter fittings, and 6 inches of 1/2" od aluminum tube for making your own head vents. Single Inlet Kit requires 1.8L L-Jet oil tower. Upgraded kit replaces vent filter with hoses to your air cleaners for smaller environmental footprint. .
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Connection to air cleaners for emissions control
Single Inlet Canister
Single Inlet Installation
Preferred Rear Bulkhead Mounting
Alternate Firewall Mounting
Drain Hose Installation
Grommet and Tee Fitting Option
Add-on Hose and Fitting Kit
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