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Uses the stock oil cooler location as a take off point. Remote thermostat location allows convenient plumbing to rear or front mounted cooler.
Remote Oil Cooler Kits
If your MPS won't hold a vacuum any more, this is just what the doctor ordered!
MPS Diaphragm Kit
Custom designed for Type 4 engines:  The can has 3 inlets, incorporates Swirl Oil/Air Separation and a drain-back hose.
Type 4 Oil Pressure Relief Valve
Stainless Pushrod Tubes
CNC machined 36mm Venturis for Weber 40IDF Carbs
NLA shipping Included
Weber Venturis Engine Breather Can
Throw away that old crossbar linkage and end the misery of hard to synchronize carburetors.  Our Linkage is the most precise and easy to adjust system available.(more)
Cable Throttle Linkage
The kit includes everything you need:   2 Pulleys, mounting brackets, slave cable, auxilliary throttle return springs, complete installation instructions. 
$369.95, 50 State US Shipping included 
This is a reproduction of the NLA factory EGR pipe on '75-'76 914s, still required in some states for emission compliance.  Made of heavy gauge steel, and painted with high temperature stainless steel paint, it will last another 35 years on your car!
EGR Tube
The most versatile and effective cooling system for a Type 4 engine is available exclusively from Tangerine Racing Products!  This is a complete bolt-on kit including everything necessary for easy installation.  Lightweight cast magnesium impeller, CNC billet aluminum pulleys, hand formed aluminum shroud.  Optional surround tin seals the 914 engine compartment.
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Horizontal Cooling System
The Green Oil! Recommended for all Type 4 Engines and any aircooled VW and Porsche engine.
Brad Penn Motor Oil
Basic Kit includes:  Canister, K&N vent filter, 6ft of 1/2" hose, 6 hose clamps, Flare fittings for breather tower and can bottom, 1 ft of 1/4" hose, hose to flare adapter fittings, and 6 inches of 1/2" od aluminum tube for making your own head vents.
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50 State US Shipping Included
 50 State US Shipping Included
A Tuning Kit is available together or separately.
The repair kit includes a new beryllium copper diaphragm assembly, paper gasket and two o-rings.
ITG Air Cleaners
The 4 cylinder set is suitable for Weber or Delorto carbs and Individual Throttle Bodies. Available in two heights - 2 1/2” or 4”. Choice of blank or pre-drilled baseplates. The 6 cylinder set is suitable for triple carbs or throttle bodies. Filter oil available separately.
The best air cleaners available!
48 State US Shipping Included
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Filter Oil (ships FedEx Grd) - $22.95
for dual carbs and throttle bodies
Tired of loose fitting oem pushrod tubes that are difficult to keep sealed? Our T304 Stainless tubes have machined O-ring grooves, properly designed for optimum sealing without need for teflon paste or other messy gasket compounds. We make these to exacting tolerances which ensures a good tight seal for the long term. Each set uses two different tube diameters. This improves exhaust stub clearance, while retaining adequate oil return capacity. Viton O-rings are included. Special spacing washers are also included in case a little extra length is desired.
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Custom Length
Our pressure relief valve replaces the stock assembly located in the bottom of the crankcase. It eliminates the oil cooler bypass in the stock oil circuit and raises the peak operating pressure to 70psi.
$99.95, 50 State US shipping included
The crankcase bore for the pressure relief assembly is well worn after 40 years of operation and often bypasses a significant amount of oil, lowering available pressure to the bearings. Our assembly will cure many high oil temp/low oil pressure issues and is essential for modified engines with external oil coolers - to achieve optimal oil temperature control. A perfect complement to our remote oil cooler kits.
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Kit 1 - Basic Take-off with Thermostat (use your own cooler and hoses) Kit 2 - Rear Mounted Cooler (includes -10AN hoses, cooler, shroud, and mounting brackets) Kit 3 - Rear Mounted Cooler with T-stat Fan Kit 4 - Front Mounted Cooler (includes -12AN hoses and cooler)
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Kit 2