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Stub Pipes & Mufflers
Stage I Silencer Straight pipes are too loud for most race sanctioning bodies. Stage I Silencers reduce sound below 95db in most applications.  This is still too loud for daily driving but perfect for track events. Available in 2", 2 1/8" and 2 1/4" inlet sizes. Weld-on flanges are also available.    
 Fully machined from heavy wall T304 stainless steel tube. Computer designed variable wall thickness ensures high flow and enhanced durability. Carefully dimpled for pushrod tube clearance. Precision laser cut flanges, Welded in precision fixtures and milled flat at both ends. Flanged pipe ends mate with step cut in header flange for a perfect seal. Exhaust leaks at the port are eliminated. Makes exhaust header installation much easier. Greatly enhances exhaust flow when coupled with good port work.
Tangerine Stub Pipes are sold separately for your custom header project. Available in two performance levels - Improved and Modified.     •Improved Stub Pipes are carefully tapered from the exhaust port up to 1 5/8" OD at the flange end.   •Modified Stubbies have a 2 stage taper from the exhaust port up to 1 3/4" OD at the flange end. 
Tangerine EVO Silencers effectively reduce sound levels without significant loss of power.  All our mufflers are fabricated in-house using 100% T304 Stainless Steel.
Other inlet diameters available on request
High Temperature Alumino-Ceramic Coating inside and out is a standard feature on Tangerine EVO Headers. Coating done by Central CT Coatings of East Hartford, CT. Recommended for heat retention, appearance and longevity!
914 EVO II
EVO II Silencer  Primarily for street use, this muffler can be configured for nearly any Type 4 application with a variety of tailpipe options.                                                Four distinct sound attenuation techniques are applied within the 6" diameter stainless body. Using the EVO II Silencer will make your car quiet enough for daily street use, below 89db, without compromising performance.  On a 150hp, 1.8L race engine no measurable difference in ouput was observed during back-to-back Dynojet runs between the Stage I and EVO II silencers on a Porsche 914. The 914 EVO II Silencer can easily be mated to a Kerry Hunter or MSDS header for an economical header/quiet muffler setup.
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DIY Hardware Kit: Includes 4 stepped flanges for header fabrication, 4 copper port gaskets, 8 barrel nuts drilled for safety wire & a special allen wrench
$95, ships with Stub Pipe Sets sold above.
Schematic cutaway shows variable tube thickness.
Laser cut 1/4” thick T304 Stainless Flanges for replacing old flanges on SSI 914 Heat Exchangers. .