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Exterior Panels
Our rear flares are made using fender lips removed from a 914, using new material to create a smooth flared fender.  They extend from just behind the door handles to just ahead of the tail lights.  Available from 1 1/2” to 5” wide. The front flares are made using fender lips removed from a 914, with new metal added to form a smooth flared fender.  Available from 1” to 3” wide. These flares create a subtle, almost stock look, unavailable from any other flare product on the market.
Tangerine Racing Signature Flares
 2 1/2" rear flare
1" front flare 
1 1/2" front flare
Currently available by Special Order Only. Price: Front pair - $1850, Rear pair - $2950 refundable core charge of $150/pr. front and $200/pr. rear included
Lightweight replacement for racing.  For use where pop-up headlights have been removed.  Includes "eyebrow" into a single piece.  Easy to add a NACA duct inlet for brake cooling, etc. at this location.  (Made by CFR)
Aluminum Headlight Covers
$154.95/pr, 50 State US shipping Included.