Tangerine Racing Horizontal Cooling Kit
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Horizontal Cooling
The most versatile and effective cooling system for a Type 4 engine is available exclusively from Tangerine Racing Products.    This is a complete bolt-on kit including everything necessary for easy installation.  Lightweight cast magnesium impeller, CNC billet aluminum pulleys, hand formed aluminum shroud.  Optional surround tin seals the 914 engine compartment. The Street setup uses a stock alternator for most applications, or an aftermarket Mini alternator for vehicles with short engine compartments such as the early VW Bus.  The Race version has a special engine mounting plate which eliminates the stock rubber engine mounts.  Full flow oiling or a dry sump oil pump are easily accomodated. The stock oil cooler may be retained and is sufficient for lower horsepower applicatons. Fan drive ratios are available for optimized cooling on any size/output engine.  
for Type 4 Engines
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