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T4 356 T4 912 / 912E
Price includes:  T321 Stainless Stub Pipes, Mild Steel Header with High Temperature Ceramic Coating inside and out, 100% Stainless EVO II Silencer, mounting hardware
Tangerine EVO Exhaust Systems  for Porsches
Primary sizes available: 1 5/8", 1 3/4" A Heat Exchanger Kit is available
Be sure to include correct address so accurate shipping charges can be added to the final invoice. International Orders: a 1% Cross Border Payment fee will be added with shipping/handling in the final payment invoice.
These systems are custom built to order and may take 6-12 weeks to produce..
Street Configuration (tuned to maximize power below 6000 rpm) is standard for these headers. A Race Configuration for high rpm engines is available by special request. EVO II Silencers are available with several configurations: 912 Single Tip, Single Center Tip, Twin Center Tip, Carrera Dual Tip, 356 Dual Tip In Bumperettes, 356 Dual Tip Below Valence
Multi-tip muffler options have an increased price: Dual tip (all styles) +$225 Twin Center Tip +$150
1 5/8" Improved System - $2249 1 3/4" Modified System - $2449
Heat Exchanger Kit -  $489 Some Components are model specific.  Shipping not included
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