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Raised Pickup Instructions
1) The chassis should be properly supported on a flat level surface with the engine and rear suspension completely removed.  The car needs to be elevated far enough to facilitate frequent trips into the engine compartment.  2) Completely remove the stock inner and outer suspension consoles from the chassis.  The best tool for this is a Sawzall.  Try not to cut into the frame rails while removing the consoles. Cleanup of excess metal left after console removal can be done with a right angle grinder . 3) Using the templates provided, mark out the locations where you will cut into the chassis rails. The templates are located by lining up with existing holes in the chassis frame rails.  Using a thin cutoff wheel cut open the chassis so the new pickup assemblies will fit into the slots created. 4) With the pickups attached to the locating fixture insert the assemblies into the slots in the frame.  You can adjust the distance between the pickup assemblies by grinding the outer contact surfaces where the pickup meets the chassis.  I like to separate the pickups about 1/2" from the stock arrangement.  The fixture is designed so the gap between the two halves is the amount of additional trailing arm separation you are building into your car.  Use thin shims under the new pickup assemblies as needed to make fine adjustments before tacking in place. 5) Once satisfied with the location of the pickup assemblies tack them into position such that they can be cut easily if adjustments are necessary. 6) Temporarily install the trailing arms and verify the proper position of the new pickup assemblies.  Check that both camber and toe are correct.  Make adjustments to the pickup positions as necessary. 7) Remove the trailing arms and weld the pickup assemblies more thoroughly wherever they contact  the frame and will be hidden by adding the reinforcing plates. 8) Add the reinforcements, trimming as necessary for the best fit.
Rear Suspension Raised Pickup Point Kit Installation Instructions