Tangerine Racing Shift Linkage Kit
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Shift Linkage
 Everything needed to replace the stock shift rod from the firewall to the transmission is included. The kit works with stock or aftermarket shifters (such as the Rennshift). Up front a precision U-joint replaces the stock coupling.  A new powdercoated shift rod replaces the original rod. The shift rod head is supported by two bronze bushings attached to the console in a heavy duty support bracket. A second precision U-joint at the rear transmits shift lever motion precisely into the transmission.  Installation is simple.  One modification to the console is required which can be done in place on the car.  An included marking template locates the bracket mounting holes. Two new cone screws are included.  The stock console cover is easily refitted.  No welding or machining required!
48 State US Shipping included
For Sideshift Transmissions
The Tangerine Racing Shift Linkage Kit greatly improves ease and precision of shifting.
4 cyl rod (black), 6 cyl rod (orange)
Select Rod Shape for Engine
Select Shift Rod Color