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Fuel System
Shipping weight - 1/3oz. each 
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> 8mm & 9.5mm id firewall grommets replace NLA factory pcs > Oversize grommet for AN fitting application > Engine shelf grommet , also used on the brake reservoir lines.
Fuel Line Grommets
914 Stainless Replacement Fuel Lines and Fuel System Components
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4 pc Tunnel and Engine Compartment Set
9.5mm to 8mm Adapters
Common Applications: > '70-74 4 cyl cars, rear mounted FI pump - 3 or 5 pc set with 9.5mm supply & straight adapter > '70-74 4 cyl cars, relocated FI pump - 3 or 5 pc. set with 8mm supply & angled adapter (more)
Fuel Line Sets Engine Compartment Lines
Orientation of Engine Compartment Lines.
Upgradable to 9.5mm size, especially for big six conversions.
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AN fittings are typically used on race car fuel systems.  Price includes welded installation on your fuel lines ordered above. (more)  
-6AN Fittings
$30 Each
Choose either straight or bent for your specific application.  This can be used in place of the original rubber reducer that attached to the fuel pump, or between the tunnel line and engine compartment line when the pump has been moved to the front on early cars. 
Fuel Line Adapter Piece
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$19.95 each
Package Deals for Fuel Injection
> Tank to Engine - SS Lines, Tank Strainer, Fuel Filter, Grommets, Hoses, Clamps        These packages include 30R14 High Pressure FI Hose
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Original strainers are often clogged with debris after more than 30 years.  Change yours before you experience fuel starvation trouble.  Includes a new seal washer.
Fuel Tank Strainer Screen
$16.95 ea.
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Kit includes one Tunnel Line, one Engine Compartment Line, One adapter, 9.5mm & 8mm hose, Clamps, Strainer, Grommets
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Pump Option
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Carb Conversion Package
for 8mm and 9.5mm Fuel Injection Hose
,Shipping weight - 1/3oz. each, 3oz per 10 pieces.
Fuel hose clamps
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Fuel Line Grommets - 1/3oz. each Fuel Hose Clamps - 1/3oz. each Fuel Line Adapter - 1 1/2oz. each Tank Stainer Screen - 1/2oz. each Brass Fuel Line Tee - 2 oz. each
Today's pump gasolines contain additives which will degrade older rubber hoses, sometimes in as little as one year.  Even brand new low pressure fuel hose (non-fuel injection) isn't guaranteed to protect against this degradation.  Our hose meets 30R14 standards for high pressure fuel injection use and is resistant to corrosive fuel additives.  It's an excellent choice for carb applications as well.
30R14 Rubber Fuel Hose
Select length
 Shipping Included (50 states).
Sold in 5ft. or in 10ft. sections.
Replace your 40yr old plastic lines before you have a car fire! Easy Installation with the engine in the car. (Instructions included) Pre-bent for proper fit. Hose beaded ends for no-leak connections. Welded on -6AN fittings available.
Choose The Set That Fits Your Application
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Fuel Pumps
Brass Fuel Line Tee
For dual carbs - 3.5psi internally regulated pump with filter.
EFI - currently unavailable
$8.95, ea.
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Perfect for dual carb installations using 5/16” (8mm) fuel hose.
Pump Mount
$99.95 each
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for FI or Carb Pump