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Our EVO IV Silencer bolts right up to stock (or SSI) heat exchangers. 2L unit shown. A stock 2.0 muffler hanger supports the 2L units. A custom hanger is provided for the 1.7/1.8L units.
Our 100% stainless steel mufflers are available for the 1.7/1.8L heat exchangers, and for the  2.0L HEs, especially with SSIs. Available in multiple outlet styles: Twin Center Tip, (Std) Left Tip, Reverse Single Tip, Std Dual Tip, and GT Style Dual Tip. The Twin Tip Silencer requires a small cutout in the rear valence. The Single Left Tip unit fits like stock. The Twin tip has a balanced and pleasing tone but isn’t very quiet. New Dual Tip GT Style 11 1/2" apart is now available. The Single Tip and Dual Tip designs sound great and are only slightly louder than a stock muffler. Midrange power is enhanced. Useful rpm range is extended to the stock engine's mechanical limit of at least 6000 rpm. Weighs significantly less than the stock muffler.
Shipping is billed separately once we receive your order. Estimated shipping price from CT to anywhere in the continental US - not more than $75.
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