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914-6 Headers
At last, a header for 914-6 conversions that fully utilizes state of the art acoustic tuning to achieve the highest available torque from stock aircooled 911 engines. These headers have primary and secondary lengths optimized for peak power between 6000 and 6500 rpm. The EVO - Six Dual Outlet Silencer fits behind a WEVO 915 transaxle, yet still fits inside the rear valence. It is the quietest muffler of any we have heard on a 914-6 engine, with a deep throaty tone at idle, yet never unpleasantly loud at any rpm or throttle position. The free flowing design enhances peak power compared to other mufflers when installed on any -6 header. There is NO annoying resonance at cruising rpm typical of most dual outlet mufflers. The muffler is available separately below. Minor modifications to other -6 headers (such as B&B) are required for fitment.
Tangerine EVO-Six Exhaust Systems
YouTube Video of 3.6 with EVO-6 Silencer
Tangerine EVO-Six Header Systems are custom built to order and may take 6 weeks or more to produce.
Select Muffler Option
Primary Size
EVO Six Outlet Tip Diameter (if applicable)
EVO Six Dual Outlet Silencer - $1795, shipping not included. These are custom made to order. Please allow about 4 weeks.
Select Outlet Diameter
H/T Coating (inside and out) for Tangerine Six Header - $240 
Shipping will be billed separately once we have your delivery address.
Shipping not included.
Special Clearance for WEVO Backup Switch
1 1/2" primaries for engines from 2.0 to 2.75 Liters
1 5/8" primaries for engines from 2.8 to 3.6 Liters
Available with Three Secondary Pipe Layouts: 1) Connect to Our EVO Six Dual Outlet 100% Stainless Silencer 2) Connect to Dual Stage I Silencers (for dedicated track use) 3) Connect to any popular Six Cylinder Dual Inlet Muffler (such as Dansk or M&K)
Ground clearance is greatly improved with this installation.