Tangerine Racing Cable Throttle Linkage
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Throttle Linkage
Our Linkage is the most precise and easy to adjust system available. The kit includes everything you need:   2 Pulleys, mounting brackets, slave cable, auxilliary throttle return springs, complete installation instructions.   Your original throttle cable is re-routed to one carb, and a slave cable between the two actuates the second carb.  Adjust the slave cable to eliminate free play and the pulleys will ensure equal motion of both throttle shafts through the entire range. Works on Weber, Dellorto, EMPI carbs, and on ITB fuel injection systems.  Synchronization/adjustment takes one minute or less, using two 7/16" wrenches.  
Master Cable Brackets
Master Pulley assembly
Slave Pulley Assembly
Slave Cable Mounting
$369.95, 50 State US Shipping included